What to Bring

Good quality gear is essential for comfort and safety while in the wilderness. We will be tent hunting in remote areas of Alaska so staying dry and warm in imperative. We recommend that you do not bring cotton closing or undergarments. Synthetic clothing such as Thermax, Polypropylene, or other good fabrics are moisture wicking and quick drying. The list below is to give you an idea of what to bring. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

Please Note:

* All licenses and tags must be purchased prior to coming to camp.
* All Gear should fit in one duffel bag plus your gun case & carry on!

Gear List

Good quality sleeping bag and sleeping pad (rated for 0 degrees or below)
Ankle fit un-insulated hip boots (1 size larger than you normally wear with 2 pr. felt insoles)
Rubber camp boots
Warm outfitter’s fleece camo jacket
Wool and Goretex gloves
Rifle, Sling, Scope covers and 40 rounds of ammo. (Same as you sighted in with)
Good breathable rain parka and pants
2 camo Microtex shirts
2 pr. long MTP medium-weight underwear
4 pr. poly-pro socks
1 pr. jeans or Carhart pants
1 pr. of Microtex camo pants
4 pr. wool boot socks
6 changes of MTP underwear
Warm hat and stocking cap
Flashlight and extra batteries (Mini-MagAA)
Insect repellant (100% Deet)
Moleskin for blister control
Skinning knife
Day pack
Water bottle/canteen
Small hard gun case

Optional Items
Sun screen
Shaving kit
Camera and film

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