Alaska Brown Bear Baited Hunts

Top Gun Treks has exclusive brown bear hunting rights on over 41,000 of private land in Unit 16B where we conduct our Alaska brown bear baited hunts. These brown bear hunts are very productive and we have 10 active bait stands to hunt from. This areas has a very high brown bear population and enjoys liberalized hunting regulations for predator control reasons.

Spring Brown Bear Bait Hunts
May 15 – June 15

Alaska Brown Bear Baited Hunts

Brown Bear Only

5 Days

1×1 – $14,500 pp (1 Bear)
2×1 – $12,500 pp (1 Bear)

9 Days

1×1 – $18,500 pp (1 Bear)
2×1 – $16,500 pp (1 Bear)

Baited Hunt Details

* A black bear may also be taken at no additional charge if taken prior to taking a brown bear (Additional tag required)

* Brown bear only baited hunts are over once a brown bear is fatally wounded.

* Opportunity for a second brown is possible for additional fee of $7500 (Additional tag required)

* Hunters are responsible to purchase tags prior to the start of the trip.


Brown Bear / Black Bear Combo

5 Days

1×1 – $16,500 pp (1 Black and 1 Brown Bear)
2×1 – $14,500 pp (1 Black and 1 Brown Bear)

9 Nights

1×1 – $20,500 pp (1 Black and 1 Brown Bear)
2×1 – $18,500 pp (1 Black and 1 Brown Bear)

Baited Hunt Details

* Once a bear (black or brown) is fatally wounded, the tag for that species is considered fulfilled at guide discretion.

* Opportunity for a second brown is possible for additional fee of $7500 (Additional tag required)

* Opportunity for a second black is possible for additional fee of $2500 (Additional tag required)

* Hunters are responsible to purchase tags prior to the start of the trip.

Special Regulations

The current Unit 16B hunting regulations allow both resident and non resident hunters to harvest 2 brown bears and 3 black bears per year. We offer the option to hunt a 2nd brown bear or black bear for an additional fee to be paid up front.

These special brown bear and black bear hunting regulations are unique because non-resident hunters are now allowed to hunt brown bears over bait. We do not know how long these rules will stay in effect so we encourage you to book your Alaska brown bear bait hunt today.

Group / Corporate Hunts – Call For Special Group Rates

The lodge can handle groups of up to 18 people and provides a great environment for groups of friends, corporate boards or staff, leadership teams, client or employee incentive or reward programs, team building, or training retreats. Our team will host these events and provide a perfect mix of bear hunting, silver salmon fishing (in August), and other activities. We can also provide experienced business leaders and church leaders who can provide leadership training or inspirational teaching, or business related teaching. Call for special rates for groups of 4 or more booking at the same time.

Family Hunts – Call For Special Family Rates

This is the perfect set up to bring the entire family for the hunt of a lifetime. The lodge and cabin configuration is perfect for families and our bait stations are set up in a way that makes it possible for kids, spouses, grandparents, or others to successfully harvest an Alaska bear with minimal stress. We drive to the hunt locations and walk short distances on easy trails to get to the stands. We normally see lots of bear activity, which is perfect for kids, keeping them interested until the right bear comes in. Call for special rates for families of 4 or more booking at the same time. You won’t find more affordable guided Alaska brown bear baited hunts than these. Take advantage of these special prices.

Helpful Information

Trophy Care – Our guides will skin your brown bear and/or Black Bear and remove the skull and feet. The hide will be fleshed and salted in the field to preserve your trophy until it can be transported to a taxidermist. Top Gun Treks owner and registered guide Bob Jewett is also a taxidermist and can be hired to do any type of taxidermy work.

What We Povide – Accommodations and food at the lodge, 10 functioning bait stands equipped with trail cameras, ground transportation once you arrive.

What To Bring – Hunting license, brown bear tag, gun/bow, bullets/arrows, personal gear, binoculars, clothing, rain gear.

NOTE TO BOW HUNTERS: If you plan to hunt with a bow, The State of Alaska requires that you have taken a bow safety certification in your home state. Don’t forget your proof certification if you plan to bow hunt!

Items Not Included
• Hunting License

• Brown Bear / Black Bear Tags

• Airfare to and from Anchorage

• Air Taxi To Lodge

• Hotels Before or After the Hunt

• Shipping of Trophies and Meat

• Any other costs while not in the Field

Over the past two decades, I’ve had the privilege of helping hundreds of clients find success in the woods. Throughout this time, I have experienced the incredible highs and lows that hunting has to offer. If you’re anything like me, it’s these highs and lows that motivate me to continually grow my skill set as a hunter. Having had the opportunity to be apart of so many hunts, I’ve come to find that the difference between success and failure is most often determined by what a person does in preparation. Some of the most amazing moments that I have witnessed were simply because of an individual’s knowledge, skill, and readiness. To me, these are the three things that each person should focus on months before the trip begins. I can honestly say that most of the heartbreaking missed shots, opportunities, or wounded animals I have seen, were a result of poor preparation. So below, I have a few things that will significantly turn the odds in your favor!

Knowledge: Take time to learn the anatomy of the animal your pursuing, the terrain you will be hunting, and what you’re effective kill range is for the weapon you have chosen. This is easily one of the most overlooked aspects of hunting, and often has the greatest impact on the hunt. The mistake that people make is to take a shot in foreign conditions (slope, wind, adrenaline, fatigue,) without being 100% confident in the orientation of the animal, placement of the projectile and their skill level.  For example: Bears often are wounded because of how much fur they have and how easy it is to misjudge where you’re actually aiming. A mature boar will have about 4 inches of fur, fat and skin on his back and almost as much on his belly, making it appear like there is a much bigger kill zone than there really is. As well, when you look at a mature, fat bear, it can be hard for any hunter to know exactly where the front leg begins and the back of the ribs end. Additionally, bears have the ability to contort their body much different than most big game. A bear that is sitting has a much different killzone than one that is standing on its hind legs or even hunched down eating. If you approach black bear hunting with a whitetail mentality, you will likely shoot too low and more forward as their vitals are further back. Regardless of what game you are hunting, by taking the time to study the animal, and practice shots at a simple 3D paper or foam target, you can dramatically improve your chances of success, especially if you practice like you hunt!

Skill: Most hunters who book with us are great shooters when it comes to a bench and steel. The challenge is duplicating what you do at the range when the pressure is on and you’re full of adrenaline. Personally, I never want to take a shot in the field that I haven’t practiced ahead of time. This includes, distance, wind, slope, shot position, heart rate and the positioning of the animal.  My good friend is an avid bowhunter and has successfully taken everything from Grizzly in Alaska to Whitetails in Texas. One of the things that he does in preparation for a hunt is to shoot his bow kneeling, sitting and standing, while holding his draw for at least a minute before releasing the arrow. This mimics what is realistically going to happen in the woods and greatly improves his mental and physical fortitude. He recently arrowed a P&Y Grizzly at 35 yds after being at full draw for almost a minute. Raising your skill level is a matter of discipline and repetition. If you practice like you hunt, your body will naturally do what it’s supposed to do even under pressure!

Readiness: Every hunt has different demands in order to be successful. You have probably heard the saying “train hard, hunt easy!” This is a great motto to live by when preparing for your trip. In my opinion, solid training builds the confidence needed to get the job done when the going gets tough, and it probably will if you hunt long enough. Readiness is being fully prepared for the adventure ahead. It encompasses knowledge, & skill, and takes into account the mental and physical aspects of the hunt as well.  When planning a trip, it’s important to ask yourself “am I physically and mentally up to the task?” Often times, people wait until it’s too late to start preparing and they short cut their actual potential. This gets really critical on hunts like Elk, Mule Deer and sheep where you will be traversing mountainous terrain every day. Knowing your limits, and being able to push yourself to the next ridge and make that long shot is vital to your success. If you want to take on one of these challenging hunts, start preparing months ahead of time. You will enjoy your adventure so much more and stack the odds in your favor!

Here a few of my favorite resources that I recommend for your trip:

Bear Target

Bear Target with Anatomy

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